Evolution: Heroes of Utopia Hack and Cheats

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is a game accessible for Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad. The game can be very simple to play on condition that you use our special Heroes of Utopia coach. Use it so as to obtain infinite amount of Gems, which you will need to get a whole lot of Biofuel. Having Biofuel means employing new heroes and evolution. Ensure that your Damage per second better to defeat every boss on your way. You do not need anything but the trainer to mod the game and win each tournament you will get involved in.

We’re going to teach you how to hack on Heroes of Utopia. You will be able to unlock all heroes, increase your damage variable and get a great deal of new abilities. With this hack, getting infinite quantities of Gems is easy as a pie. That’s the reason you can level up effortlessly!

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia hack gives you many matters including

– infinite Gems to buy Biofuels
– unlimited Data Indices to get bonuses and boosts for staff
– infinite Medals to upgrade Guard Armor
– unlimited magnetite to increase your damage.
Hack can be used with smartphones, tablets and iOS apparatus (iPhone). The game has to be installed in your device at first to use this hackon. And there’s no requirement to ‘root’ or ‘jailbreak’!


1. Connect your device with the game to the pc.
2. Open the trainer.
3. Select your platform and click on ‘Detect Device’.
4. Wait for detection of this match.
5. Enter how many Gems, Information Disks and Medals you want to have. Keep in mind the 2.15B is the maximum number of Gems you can have in Utopia. Bear in mind that you can use the trainer repeatedly.
6. Proceed to the next step clicking ‘Start hacking’
7. Wait until the modding finishes and then you can reboot your device.
8. Run the game to enjoy the resources and unlockables.

When you have too many gems available, at the start the tournament, you may find a message notifying that your access has been restricted. To avoid this, benefit from the trainer again and change the value of your Stone so that it doesn’t exceed 500. Afterwards, already being in the championship, you can set the desired amount of Gems again.

Around Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

a) Gameplay

Heroes of Utopia is another part of Evolution series. The preceding part, Battle for Utopia, was also a mobile game. At Heroes of Utopia, you are a commander of the expedition. The boat has dropped on Utopia, a planet with beasts, bandits and disciples and ancient god. You need to deal with this. But you won’t be in your in this job – your faithful allies will be assisting you on your way.

The game is very straightforward, killing the enemies is the basic part of game play. To do so, you need to tap on the screen. If you defeat enemies, then you get Biofuel to level up. It can allow you to go through sectors and conquer numerous bosses. When you encounter a boss, there is a time limit and you have to tap faster or increase your Damage per second. The faster you tap, the quicker you will conquer the boss.

b) Heroes

You want Biofuel to unlock and also level up all of your characters. Each one has his own skills and abilities. The greater level your character is, the more harm he’s in a position to dish out from enemies. Abilities are also among the unlockables, you can produce a diversity of effects including better critical strike or more biofuel from the enemies.

Since you play the game and enter the deeper industries, your opponents are harder to conquer. To stay effective, you’re forced to provide development to your personalities. Evolution leads to bigger strength and greater damage increase.

C) Resources

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia has five distinct resources.
– Gems, which would be the primary money. Earn them by your achievements and tournaments.
– Biofuel, utilized to build personalities. Kill enemies to get it or buy it in the bank. The further you go, you more Biofuel can be obtained throughout the gameplay.
– Info Disks, use it to level up your own technology. Make them in the teleport or receive as a present from your buddies.
– Magnetite, which are vital if you want to level up machine guns. It’s possible to get Magnetite by completing daily activities or winning battles with bosses.
– Medals, used to level up armor. You can get them by taking part in tournaments. The most medals you make when you finish at first location.

D) Tech

Technology is there to supply you with wonderful bonuses and boosts. To be able to unlock it, you need to defeat bosses. The deeper you go, the more Tech is likely to obtain.

e) Friends

If you have friends, you can get bonuses from them. Moreover, you get 100 gems by connecting to the sport through Facebook. Each and every buddy can provide you with a significant reward such as data disks. However, there’s a limit of getting 3 gifts a day. Finally, you can even take advantage of social features.

f) Tournaments

Tournament is all about competing against other gamers and making awards that let you enhance your armor. If you take part in a championship, you are teleported to the start and you receive Data Disks.

Gram) Offline game

When you are offline, your partners may continue to be active and kill creatures. You will obtain all the Biofuel your companions managed to get when you’re offline. Resources made this manner only accumulate around 3 times.

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